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Solar Inverter 500 VA to 10 KVA
If you are in a location that is "On Grid", meaning that you get traditional power resources, you can use solar power or wind power to supplement or entirely offset your traditional utilities. These systems, whether powered by wind or sun are usually called "On Grid" or "Grid Tie" systems. When you install your solar power electric system or your wind power electric system you can tie it into your traditional electricity meter using a grid tie inverter. As you generate power, your system automatically detracts from your own electricity meter thereby reducing your bill.

If you produce more electricity than your home actually needs, it is automatically sold, at cost prices, to the utility company further offsetting your costs. Using a solar grid tie or wind power to grid interface will not only help you offset utility bills, but you also avoid costly batteries and systems that you would need to hold the excess power you are generating. Also see On-Grid Solar Electric System Calculator

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