PV solar Modules 40 watt to 550 watts
rating with Annual Capacity 130 MW

Off grid solar power system 1 KW to 10 KW

LED lights – Indoor Use

Solar water heaters

Battery Bank and Chargers

Solar submersible pumps

LT switchgear Panels

Lighting Control System

Enclosures SS/MS/AL

Support structures

UVC sanitizations chambers

UVC Lights

Solar Dryer, Hybrid

Solar Dryer

Air Duct Heater Bank

Fruits And Vegetables washing Tanks

Wiremesh /Perforated SS Trays

Factory Fabricated Ducts

Plastic Blow Mold Products

Metal Sppining Products

Compression Molding Products

Backalite Products

DMC compund Mold Products

Printed Circuit Boards

Deep Draw Products