How to reduce your electricity bills to Zero installing Solar Rooftop Power Plant!

Install Solar panels At Your Home

Besides many more there is one huge, still untapped, potential in India and the world, it is nothing but CLEAN ENERGY Being a tropical country, we do have sufficient sunray availability in almost all the regions from north to south and from east to west even in far-off north-eastern regions of the country. Electricity consumption and its budget plays a major part in domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities carried out all over the country. If we can convert idle rooftops or even small part of the land for harnessing solar power, we can not only generate sufficient electricity, but also can convert the same into passive income by reducing electricity bill, convert electricity bill to Zero and can even generate additional electricity for PASSIVE Income from these Solar Rooftop! Indian government in many states came up with innovative ideas / projects and process to increase use of CLEAN ENERGY like in Karnataka they came up with NET Metering where you can sell clean energy generated by the solar power plant at your rooftop to BESCOM Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited. So Net metering is a billing mechanism in which a customer who has a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) power plant installed and is generating more electricity than his personal requirement can sell additional to GRID and get paid for the additional ELECTICAL UNITS generated. Now it is evident that one can easily reduce electricity bill burden on pocket by generating electricity by utilising the idle rooftop, can easily tapped the huge potential of clean energy by reducing electricity bill to zero and also by generating passive income from additional power generated! So from this additional passive income from clean, green energy, from own houses and commercial buildings in Rural and Urban part of country respectively, one can make huge passive income for a life span of 25 years longevity. ROI from an On-Grid solar rooftop installed will be around 4-5 years for residential and 3 to 4 years for industrial or commercial solar power plant and the incentive is for balance 20 years FREE Electricity and Passive income can be generated just by maintaining Solar Rooftop Plant. As we know cost of electricity increase Reduce Electricity bills by installing solar power plant thus burden on pocket too, which affects affordability, but with solar power plant installation complete eradication of electricity bills is awesome and innovative solution for residential, commercial and industrial setup! Most importantly as clean energy from solar power generating individual one can convert in preventing Environment Pollution thus ensuring sustainable living now and for future generations as well! In nutshell it’s not only easy to get Solar rooftop installation done at idle rooftop space but by making an elevated structure on the rooftop one can also utilised the shadowed part innovatively. So for this one time investment that will start giving immediate returns on investment made, total ROI in short span, and to reduce electricity bills to zero and generating passive income please, call, mail or massage. Being leading Solar Products Manufacturer in India, Best Solar Panel in India, Aditya Clean Energy (P) Ltd. expert solar engineers team will guide you the entire process, and the Price Benefits of solar Energy In India and guidance regarding How to generate Passive income from Clean Energy in India, and earn money from solar panels in India! Also for your customised Solar Products requirement as Solar PV Panel, Solar Flour Mill, Solar Millet Grinding Machine, Solar Submersible Pumps, Solar Inverter, Solar Off Grid Power Storage Plant, Solar Street Lights, Solar Agriculture Products, Solar Oil Expeller Machine, Solar Washing – DRYING-PUVERISING-VACUUM PACKING Pulverising Machine, Solar Cold Storage, Solar Banana mango ripening store, Solar green House with LED Grow lights and Solar Home Lighting System and for living a sustainable living besides saving Environment from pollution using Clean Energy and a substantial passive income opportunity Aditya Clean Energy (P) System can be your one point solution for all your requirements! Green Energy, Clean Energy can change your lifestyle, by reducing rise in electricity bills, that is going to go beyond your affordability due to electrical power charges rising so Team Aditya is committed to Environment, Nature, by generating clean energy and supporting YOU!
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