Wash them with hot water temp more than 45 deg and above to remove insects, dirt, mud or other impurities from surface. 

After stacking those leaf’s for air dry on netting table.

After some time placing these leaves into trays for solar drying process. Dryer is temperature control device equipped with system include ventilation fans solar panels, air heaters.

After completion of drying cycle leaves to be stored separately and shall be applied for pulverizing.

Material shall be stored in insulation material pot.

Vacuum packing of powder shall be prepared as per packet size wise
Plant capacity Area Required:

Equipment used in system

Solar operated water heater with storage tank – Washing tank – Hybrid Type Solar Dryer – Storage Trolley Netting Type – Pulverizing Machine – Vacuum Packing Machine – Solar System with control unit
Solar Operated Submersible Water Pumps System (optional) Battery Backup (Packing Machine and illumination)

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